Culture of Bhaktapur

Bhaktapur is still a venue for a great many festivals and cultural dances.

Biska jatra, bhaktapur

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The cultural traditions of Bhaktapur are not less glorious than its artistic masterpieces. The ancient ritual dances and festivals here are observed with the same fervor and enthusiasm as they were centuries ago. Consequently, the city is still a center for many big festivals and cultural dances, many of them are unique as the city itself. While Bhaktapur’s Gai-Jatra (Sa: Paru, July/August) and the tantrically-inspired Nava Durga Dance (October-June), which is comprised of the city’s protector deities, are the “only ones of their kinds” in Nepal, the Biska Jatra (April), one of Nepal’s greatest and most exciting festivals, is the only such event observed according to the official solar calendar whereas others were celebrated according to the lunar calendar.

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