The Nyatapola Temple

founded in 1702 A.D by King Bhupatindra Malla

The Nyatapola temple is the tallest building in the Bhaktapur, unique with its five roofs, and certainly one of Nepal’s most stupendous monuments, lying in the south face of the square which is named after its physical structure (five tiers of roofs). This is also one of the best examples of Newar temple architecture .The temple was founded in 1702 A.D by King Bhupatindra Malla, a great builder who commissioned an impressive number of structures and its design was so elegant and its construction was so well done that even the earthquake of 1934 A.D. and 2015 A.D. caused only upper storey damage.

The temple stands above the five Stage plinth and rises over 30m above the top plinth. The steep stairway leading up to the temple is flanked by guardian figures at each plinth level. The bottom plinth has the two high stone statues of the legendary wrestlers Jaya Malla and Patha Malla who also feature in the Dattatraya temple, said to have possessed the strength of ten men, on the plinth above are two powerful elephants, then a pair of fierce stone lions. Above the lion are two griffins and at the very top are two goddess i.e. Baghini in the form of a tiger and Singhini in form of a lion. People believe that each figure is said to be ten times as strong as the figure on level below. There is a circumambulatory passage around the main entrance of the temple at the top of the steps and the roofs are supported with beautifully carved struts. The series culminates in the powerful tantric goddess hidden inside the temple, is the mysterious tantric goddess Siddhi Laxmi to whom the temple is dedicated. A special family of priests tends the temple, which may be entered only by the king. It is said that the goddess representing the most powerful female force. This powerful goddess is counterbalanced, ritually and aesthetically, with Bhairab on the eastern side of the square.

Ganesh in four corner of Nyatapola temple:

At each corner of the lowest plinth is a Ganesh shrine. As we all know that Ganesh is the god of prosperity and wisdom. Ganesh is a much- loved god and there is a constant stream of visitors here. A visit to this shrine is highly recommended by Hindus to ensure safety on a forthcoming journey as well as while starting any new work. And defender and remover of obstacles and has to be propitiate first before worship to other gods. His mount is the shrew.

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Bhaktapur (भक्तपुर), About this sound, listen (help·info); literally translates to “city of devotees”), also known as Khwopa (Nepal Bhasa: ख्वप Khwopa), is a city in the east corner of the Kathmandu Valley in Nepal about 8 miles (13 km) from the capital city, Kathmandu. It is located in and serves as the headquarters of Bhaktapur District in Bagmati Pradesh of Nepal. It is administratively divided into 10 wards.

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